How to extend and get the most from your home
Have you thought about what potential could be unlocked from your home by extending it? The value of your property could be increased by more than you think.
Extending your home is a good way to create space, and could provide a cheaper alternative to the high costs of moving.
We at AKM Builders believe that it all starts with you

1) Your Lifestyle
Perhaps you need more room for a growing family or possibly a home office.

2) Your tastes
Everybody has different tastes. This normally has a big effect on the materials used and the overall style of the build. We can tailor for all your styles and tastes.

3) Your Layout
There may be a particular feature of the property or site that you wish to incorporate into the layout. Whether it’s a sea view, open plan kitchen diner, or to create a seamless transition between an indoor living and outside space.

4) Your home site
We can meet you at your home to help discuss what might be the best options.
A good number of our projects involve a single story extension to the rear of the property with a 1st floor or loft extension over the entire footprint to maximize all available space.